Strategic Innovation

Innovation is vital to create competitive advantage, to drive business growth, generate value for the company and its customers, especially it’s critical during the times of rapid technology changes, high volatile business environment and with moving targets.

With our insightful approach we help in mapping innovation potential of the company, successfully manage the uncertain front end of the innovation process, navigate increasingly unpredictable value chain and facilitate building a strong strategic innovation culture, bringing out the best of the internal entrepreneurs and social innovators, to create greater value to the company in becoming an innovation leader in the market.

  • Strategic R&D planning
  • Strengthening the IDEA pipeline
  • Defining Key Strategic Initiatives
  • Agile, cross functional project management
  • Portfolio Prioritization and efficient resourcing
  • Increased share of new products sales

Open Innovation

We encourage open innovation, a fluid flow of knowledge, with the purpose to accelerate internal innovation and expand external market through coordinated collaborative exploration and co-development.We coordinate collaborative exploration and co-development.

We assist in identifying the need, finding relevant partners, forming and building relations, and to get the network to perform to deliver faster results. Thereby aiding companies to reduce cost of own activities, leveraging access to abundance external knowledge, and significant time savings in front end research.

  • Markets and Technology Insights
  • Technology scouting
  • Establish access to Startups
  • Co-development
  • External innovation partners
  • Connecting Industry across the value chain

Research & Development

Innovation doesn’t exist if it doesn’t reach the market successfully, that can be compared to what’s beneath the tip of the iceberg, that many companies fail to transfer the results of R&D into useful commercial products for many valid reasons.

We help you uncover the hidden potential to drive successful commercial value. With decades of experience and proven track record of bringing out-of-the-box approach to lead breakthrough innovations, we provide solutions to long lasting unsolved industry challenges. We create value to our customers by combining our expertise in fibers, manufacturing technology, product design and performance for various products and applications, at optimized cost to drive profitable growth.

  • Automotive & Industrial Filtration
  • Personal Care Wipes
  • Industrial Wipes
  • Medical Consumables
  • Laboratory & Life Sciences
  • Single Serve Tea & Coffee

Business Development

With its wider scope, business development includes ideation and activities like sales, strategic initiatives and business expansion to make a business grow in terms of revenue and increased profitability, by building strategic partnerships, and making strategic business decisions.

With our 360-degree approach in business development, by blending strategy and creative exploration we bring you relevant insights from the industry across the value chain of Fibers-Nonwovens-End use applications. By bridging the gap between your customer and your products we help you create new leads and discover new growth opportunities

  • Assessing capability
  • Generate New leads from existing capability
  • Identifying adjacent product and markets
  • Upgrading Capability
  • Value addition to existing products
  • Access to new products and markets


As sourcing involves the procurement process for continuously improving purchasing activities of an organization, it is critical to consider sourcing innovation that includes activities aimed at procuring innovative,value-added activities and competitiveness

in order to complement the organization's competences and activities. With our strong worldwide network of industry partners, fiber suppliers, specialty chemical manufacturers, nonwoven manufacturers, we help you to explore unmet needs and to anticipate the future competitive advantages. Complementing our open innovation approach, we help select the right strategic suppliers, to source specialty materials, to meet higher performance requirement, sustainability goals and cost saving objectives.

  • Nonwovens Products
  • Sustainable Fibers
  • Performance Fibers
  • Greener Chemistries
  • Nonwoven Technologies
  • Web treatment Technologies

Intellectual Properties

In the increasingly knowledge-driven economy, Intellectual Property (IP) is a key consideration in day-to-day business decisions, with new products, brands and creative designs appear in the market as a result of continuous innovation and creativity.

When IP rights are protected appropriately, they are valuable assets for your business and sets you apart from competitors. In partnership with one of the global leading Intellectual Property (IP) management advisory firm, together with our decades of experience in the fibre-based materials we bring you highly customized IP solutions in all aspects related to IP searches, creation, strategy and management of your IP portfolio, while optimizing your cost of IP management.

  • Patentability and Prior art Searches
  • White Space Analysis / FTO Search
  • Technology Market Research
  • Patent Drafting and Filing service
  • Cost optimized IP portfolio management
  • Licensing and incentivizing IP

Global Market Research

Global Market research is critical for driving business growth, providing insights for strategy development, product development and marketing, setting you up for success. In collaboration with one of the leading global market research firms,

we offer our clients with a continuous process of Market Research and Assessment Service, including latest trend in the market. We help exploring new business opportunities in external markets, bringing insights on new markets and possibilities for expansion. Unlike 100’s of pages of generic reports, we leverage on our expertise in fiber-based materials, to highly customize the research to our customer’s objectives that generates immediate actions to target market growth

  • New unexplored markets
  • Market Expansion
  • Data collection and Analysis
  • Relevant industry insights
  • Identifying new opportunity
  • Generating key business Actions